Social media-as-a-Service

dailyRx, Inc. provides HCPs and businesses the ability to manage their social media. It can be challenging to understand or simply overwhelming to keep up with social media and the best way to leverage this for your business

We are in a position to help you manage your social media so you can generate further education and awareness of your brand and/or yourself.

We offer the ability to setup your Face Book page, to help you create a YouTube account, and to take your content and leverage it with Twitter, Instagram and other social media sites/channels.

Why your business decides to leverage social media is completely up to you, and you’ll want to better understand the analytics behind this.

How many people follow you, how many people clicked on a link to your website that was posted from your Twitter account?

If you are intersted in leveraging social media but don’t have the understanding or time to do this, let us talk more with you about our services.

Contact us for more information.