Cheap Moisturizers Can Prevent Eczema in Infants


Abstract written by Katherine Heighway, medically reviewed by Dr. Robert Carlson, M.D.

Looks like you can put down that expensive moisturizer – the cheap stuff will do the trick.

Using inexpensive petroleum jelly to moisturize newborns is effective in preventing eczema, according to a study published Dec. 5 by Northwestern University in JAMA Pediatrics. About 20 percent of children get the skin disorder and families may spend as much as 35 percent of their earnings to treat it.

The study was done by comparing the price of the moisturizers to how well they prevented eczema based on previous research.

Dr. Steve Xu, a physician at Northwestern University, said that eczema can lead to a higher risk of infections and sleep problems. So, if a cheap moisturizer can help prevent the skin disorder and save families money at the same time, Dr. Steve Xu is all for it.

Information on funding was not available.


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